Clayton “Mr. C” Guyton

In the heart of Baltimore’s Eastern District, made famous by The Wire for its blighted row houses which were home to the violent drug trade, sits the Rose Street Community Center. Clayton “Mr. C” Guyton, its founder and patriarch, has earned the respect of local gang members, drug dealers, and those just trying to survive in the neighborhood known as the “Middle East.” The beating heart of Rose Street, Mr. C shows us the power of empathy and humanity in battling years of community-wide trauma. Together, Mr. C and his Rose Street crew kept their four square-blocks free of homicides for 18 months. But when Mr. C is hospitalized, Rose Street sees a sudden uptick in violence, and lays bare the fragility of the peace Mr. C keeps. To support Rose Street Community Center please make your checks payable to Rose Street Community Center and mail them to: 821 N. Rose Street Baltimore, MD 21205. Please note “CHARM CITY” in the memo line.

Bryce Kirchoff