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Date(s) Theater or Festival Location
Dec 8 Human Rights Film Festival — Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
Subject Major Monique Brown in attendance
Toronto, ON
Dec 14-20 Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago, IL
Dec 20 Maysles Cinema
Director Marilyn Ness in attendance
New York, NY
Dec 28 - Jan 3 Wilmette Theater Wilmette, IL
Jan 11-17 Sie Film Center Denver, CO

Date(s) Theater or Festival Location
Apr 22-27 2018 Tribeca Film Festival New York City, NY
May 4-6 Maryland Film Festival Baltimore, MD
May 16 & 18 Nashville Film Festival Nashville, TN
Jun 14 AFI DOCS Film Festival Washington DC
Jun 20 Human Rights Watch Film Festival New York, NY
Jul 31 Mizel Museum Denver, CO
Aug 15 F.M. Kirby Center Wilkes-Barre, PA
Oct 1 Reginald Lewis Museum Baltimore, MD
Oct 5 & 6 Mill Valley Film Festival San Rafael, CA
Oct 12 - Nov 1 The Parkway Baltimore, MD
Oct 14 GlobeDocs - Brattle Theatre Boston, MA
Oct 17-23 IFC Center New York, NY
Oct 19-25 Laemmle Music Hall Los Angeles, CA
Oct 19, 24 & 28 Milwaukee Film Festival Milwaukee, WI
Nov 3 Franklin International Indie Film Festival Franklin, TN
Nov 6-8 The Parkway
Baltimore, MD
Nov 9-11 Gateway Film Center Columbus, OH
Nov 10 & 15 Small Star Theater York, PA
Nov 23-25 Northwest Film Forum Seattle, WA
November 2018 Bertha DocHouse London, UK
Dec 1 & 2 Laemmle Royal Los Angeles, CA